Morjim at Risk?

4 Feb

This blog aims to share a research project developed by Oxford Brookes University in partnership with Seeds India, in Morjim, Goa. This blog presents the result of the workshop, the presentations, report and the 8 recommendations.

A number of students from Oxford Brookes University are now working to develop this research into architectural projects and practical project implementation strategies for academic exercises. The objective is to make these projects open to the public to allow further discussion on the issues encountered in Morjim.

This blog is part of a greater platform of resources: the Goa Action Research, hosted by the International Centre Goa (ICG).


The goal of this platform is to share research projects developed by academic groups, professional and/or organisations, on current issues in the region of Goa; these could relate to environmental issues, unplanned development, tourism, coastal regulations, policies, constructions, etc.  We see this as being a open-source platform containing information that can be accessed by anyone with an interest in this area of work. We hope that in doing so, the platform will prevent future overlaps of research and will result in better informed recommendations and projects outcomes.